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Nuoc Uong ~ Margarita

Nuoc Uong – Uyen Thy’s Cooking (Margarita)
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Ingredients to make margarita drink:

  • Margarita mixer (1 bottle)
    Tequila wine
    Margarita salt
    2 glasses
  • Country Time – Pink Lemonade Powder
    7-Up (1 litter)
  • Dreyers – Sherpet – Berry Rainbow ice cream (1 carton)
    Canada Dry Ginger Ale or 7-Up or Sprite (1 litter)

How to make margarita drink?
Nuoc Uong Magarita – Uyen Thy’s Cooking

  1. Glass #1
    - Tequila Margarita:  1 Tequila: 3 Margarita
  2. Glass #2
    - Virgin Margarita (non-alcoholic):  Margarita + ice
  3. Jar#1
    - Lemonade Soda:  2 cups of Pink Lemonade powder + 1/2 gallon water + 1/2 gallon 7-Up + salt + ice
  4. Jar #2
    - Sherpet Soda:  Sherpet + water + Ginger Ale

How to make margarita cocktail – Cách làm nước uống Margarita

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