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Stir Fried Cucumber and Calamari
Dưa Leo Xào Mực
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  • seafood:  2 lbs squid with heads
  • vegetables:  tomato (2), cucumber (3), Chinese celery, scallion, white onion (1)
  • noodle:  mung bean threads
  • seasonings:  soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic (3 cloves)


  1. steam mung bean threads
  2. prepare garlic
  3. prepare the vegetable (remove the skins and slice or cut them)
  4. cut the squid into half
  5. stir fry the vegetable (time: < 5 minutes):  add cooking oil and then add garlic and onion when the pan is hot, add a little salt, stir; add squids, add a little salt and stir; add cucumber, add a little salt, stir; add tomato in the center, add Chinese celery, add a little salt, add 1/2 tsp sugar, add a little black pepper, add 2 tbsp soy sauce; cover the pan at the high temperature for couple seconds – minutes; remove the cover and stir; add scallion, add 1 tsp sugar.
  6. prepare a dish:  add mung bean noodle, add all prepared stuffs in (5) on the top of mung bean, add a little black pepper
  7. eat with soy sauce with hot chili.


  • //http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhGaou4cfRI
  • //http://www.youtube.com/embed/AhGaou4cfRI?list=UUkadEDwCZFTEyDYJEVi4aBA

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