Lam mut dua…dried sweetened coconut ribbon

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How to make dried sweetened coconut ribbon

Cách làm món mứt dừa thơm ngon

Ingredients to make dried sweetened coconut ribbon:

  • Coconut (not young and not old), sugar (white),  milk,  vanilla, artificial color or pandan leave extract

Cooking Accessories:

  • a knife, a pot /pan, chopsticks, a tray, oven…

How to make dried sweetened coconut ribbon?

  • Clean coconut; detach the coconut’s meat.
  • Slice (thick: 1 mm, long: couple cm)
  • Wash to remove outer coconut oil.
  • Leave there 15-20 minutes until all water exit.
  • 1kg coconut : 400-600 gram sugar = mix
  • color: can use artificial color or extracted panda leave.
  • Leave there until sugar is dissolved (3-5 hrs)
  • a pot + mixed coconut + medium heat + stir every 10 minutes = until all sugar formed around the coconut and the coconut dried.
  • remove from the heat and spread the dried coconut on a tray allowing drying.


  • while stirring, adding vanilla or color (optional)
  • stir slowly
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