Banh Cam & Banh Cong…Vietnamese Donuts

Banh Cam & Banh Cong ~ Southern Vietnam Sweetened Donuts ~ DSMSN

Ingredients to make Vietnamese donuts:

  • glutinous rice flour
  • rice flour
  • sugar
  • sesame seed
  • cooking oil
  • mung beans

How to make Vietnamese donuts?
There are 4 basic steps:

Inside the donuts:

  1. soak mung beans in the water to remove the skins
  2. remove all skins
  3. cook and let it cool
  4. smash it
  5. add sugar, vanilla + cooking oil
  6. make balls

Outside the donuts:

  1. add flour and water, mix until it smooth
  2. make a round shape and place prepared mixed mung bean balls from step 6 previously
  3. cover it and roll around around to form a ball or flatten it

Deep-fried the donuts:

  1. boil the cooking oil
  2. add one by one uncooked donuts in at the medium heat.
  3. when it is golden, take it out

Topping the donuts:  There are 2 ways to do.

  1. Shaking donuts with sugar:
    cook sugar and water to boil
    add fried donuts
    shake well until caramelized sugar cover entirely donuts
  2. Caramelizing donuts:
    cook sugar and a little water until golden thick
    add sesame seeds
    mix well
    dip donuts one by one

How to make southern Vietnam sweetened donuts
Cách làm bánh cam & bánh còng

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