Upcoming holiday: Lunar New Year; have you prepare dried fruit snacks especially dried coconut snacks/desserts yet?

Our Thoughts & Believe

If you’re interesting to know how to make Vietnamese rice udon by potato ricer, then here is where you can see how other people made it including some alternative ways of making udon noodles. You can do it, trust me. It’s not hard to do and you can have a nice fresh homemade udon. It’s great and a lot fun hanging around with your kids in the kitchen. You can applied this philosophy making other noodles too. VP
Lam Banh Canh bang do Ep Khoai Tay

Food and Cooking Discussion:

People have the millions questions in their mind that how other people think about food other than filling our stomach.  We’re so sure that won’t have the right numbers and answers but we can share to all of you what we think and believe about food.  At the following paragraphs, we’re going listing all possible as we can about food which we believe including cooking.

  1. Food intake is one of sources maintaining health, beauty, youth,… How about you?
  2. Cooking? Us? We think cooking is the art, the science, the skill, the craft,… good dish and great taste make people happier…
  3. Choosing, preparing and cooking correctly can keep us healthy without health insurance until leaving this earth.
  4. Coming soon!

Winter Healthy Tips:

In the winter season, hot soup and ginger root are our best best best friends; they help us staying warmer (body heat) and staying away from the flu and allergy especially homemade dried sweetened ginger.

Staying Healthy Tips:

To stay healthy especially staying away from flu in this winter, here is how my family has been doing:  just eating at least a fresh apple with dipping some salt weekly, eating hot soup/drink warm water occasionally, wearing enough clothes to maintain body heat, and eating some local growth ginger if it’s possible.  That’s how my family did last couple winters, so far, not so bad…  VNTP

Did you know?

*************2015 Family Money Saving*************
Preparing your own food: saving money to buy a house or a new car, saving money for your kid's college fund, saving money for your retirement, saving money for a family vacation, paying off your debt, paying off your student loan,...
*****Plenty of reasons to cook your own dinner or to make your own food.*****

Preparing food can save money for your kids’ college fund. Cutting 1 take-out dinner or dine-out per week for a family of 4, your kid(s) college fund will be at least $18720 without counting interest, gasoline,… ($20 x 52 weeks x 18 years or $1040/year).

FARM ~~~ FOOD ~~~ COOK ~~~ SERVE ~~~ EAT ~~~ ENJOY

Foodnetbay.com is where you can learn saving money by cooking homemade food with quick & easy recipes… Knowing how to cook is a way of money saving.

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