Mut Gung Deo – Uyen Thy’s Cooking (Wet Sweetened Ginger-Papaya)


  • 1 lb fresh ginger
  • 1.5 lbs sugar
  • 0.5 lb shredded papaya or made from scratch
  • alum (phen chua)
  • lime stone (voi)
  • water
  • 1 lime (cut & squeeze to get juice)
  • papaya

Mut Gung Deo – Uyen Thy’s Cooking (Wet Sweetened Ginger-Papaya)

  1. ginger:  peel the skin, cut into thin slices, stack 3-5 slices then cut into tiny strings / thin shreds
  2. soak ginger in lime stone water for overnight; WASH
  3. alum water:  water + a piece of alum = MIX well + ginger = WASH
  4. a pot: water, place on the stove, turn on the heat + 1 tbsp alum = BOIL until alum is dissolved + ginger = BOIL for 10 seconds = Remove the pot from the heat, drain with cold water after transfer to a colander…
  5. papaya = peel the skin, cut into strips, soak in lime stone water mixed overnight, drain all the water out and clean with cold water, set a side.
  6. add ginger and papaya = Mix well + add sugar = Mix well
  7. set a saucepan on the stove and turn on the stove at high heat; pour all mixture (ginger+papaya+sugar); add lemon juice; stir well at the high heat allowing sugar is dissolved (do not add any water); STIR until sugar is dissolved and mixed; when it turns to goldenrod color, turn the heat to medium or low medium to avoid the sugar is burned… and then turn off the heat when it’s done.


  • 1 lb ginger + 1/2 lb papaya + 1.5 lb sugar
  • 1 lb ginger :: 1/2 lb papaya
  • may add medium coconut or calamondin or pineapple or dried banana…
  • for less ginger tasting, add more papaya
  • for more ginger tasting, add less papaya