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What are the popular Vietnamese dishes on the YouTube recently?
Who are well known food recipes sharing on the YouTube now?

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Do you know which Vietnamese foods are popular?
Popular Vietnamese food or Vietnamese recipes which many people love are Vietnamese sub “banh mi”, fresh spring roll/summer roll, steamed rice cake, beef noodle soup “pho”, beef & pork noodle soup “bun bo hue”, pork noodle soup “hu tieu”, sponge cake/angle cake “banh bong lan”, mustard greens pickle “dua cai chua”, pig leg udon soup “banh canh gio heo”, crab vermicelli soup “bun rieu”, yogurt, crispy roast pork “heo quay”, beef stews “bo kho”, egg rolls “cha gio”, glutinous rice “xoi”, sweet pudding “che”, flan (French dessert), kim chi (Korean pickle),…

Popular YouTubes’s cooking shows which you may like:
Chinese Cooking Video:  Chef Yan, Maria Wong
English Cooking Video:  Helen’s Recipes, All Recipes, Van’s Kitchen, Mickey Huynh’s Recipes, Nyonya Cooking, Korean Food with Maangchi, Yummies For Dummies, Laura in the Kitchen Asian Cooking Made Easy?, Cantonese Cooking Videos, Martin Yan – Yan Can Cook, Boriville
Vietnamese Cooking Videos:  5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy (5 Minutes in Kitchen with Uyen Thy), Bep Nha Ta Nau which means cooking in our own kitchen or Uyen Thy’s Cooking, Cam Thu, Chung Ta Hay Cung Nau An, Cathy Ha’s Cooking Express or Cooking Express voi Cathy Ha, Kheo Tay Hay Lam or BNY TV Cooking Show, Mon An 3 Mien, Nau Gi Hom Nay / Suc Song Moi, Nguyen Dieu Thao, Vao Bep Voi Xuan Hong, Veggie Cooking Club, VNTV Cooking Show, Worldwide Unrecognized Chefs, Dac San Mien Song Nuoc

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English Recipes, Vietnamese Recipes

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Tools which may helpful in cooking:
For making healthy drinks:  juice extractor, blender
For making meal: food processor
For baking: electronic mixer (hand mixer & stand mixer)
For making udon or noodles:  potato ricer, spaetzle press, spaetzle maker, pronto pasta maker – helping in making Vietnamese homemade udon & rice noodles.  These are great cooking tools, helping eaters have fresh rice udon or egg noodles.

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